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Print 2 copies. Please fill in the blank spaces on both copies, sign & date both copies and return by mail BOTH copies back to the address above and we will sign and return your copy. Please read or Legal & Privacy policy terms first. If you need assistants please call us.



Identities of the Parties

 Jay D. Leap, referred to as Seller, and, referred to as Buyer, hereby agree on this          day of                           in the year 2015, agree to the following terms.

Seller, whose business address is 2698 Gibson Street in the city of Lake Station, state of Indiana, 46405 in the business of Zion Web Designing. And, Buyer whose business address is                            in the City/State/Zip of ____________________________                                                      doing  business as                                                                             < Your business name or website address.

Description of the Website Services

q  Please Note: Seller agrees to complete website in 30 days provided buyer supplies all the text, photos, logos, and pertinent details for the website within 14 days of this contract.

5 Page Website Plan    10 Page Website Plan    25 Page Website Plan    99 Page Website Plan    100+ Page Website Plan    Flash Movie Element   

Logo & Header Design    Seo Service    YouTube Video    The Works Plan    Social Ning Website    Facebook Or Twitter Page     Other Website services

 Buyer’s Rights and Obligations

 Buyer agrees to accept the services and pay for them according to the terms further set out below. X the box you agree on.

q  Buyer Agrees to pay In full   YES      NO

q  Half upon signing of contract, with the remainder due within 14 days.

q  Total amount to be paid by buyer for website._____________

Buyer has the right to examine the web services and has 60 days in which to notify seller of any changes based on the condition, grade, or quality of the services. Such notice must specify in detail the particulars of the claim. Please Note: Once domain name & hosting is purchased and website service has begun; or work on the website, there will be no refund. *Additional charges may apply, if buyer makes amendments or revisions, after web content is agreed upon.

Seller Print Name                                                Sign____________________________________Date____________

Buyer Print Name _________________________­_ ­­Sign____________________________________Date____________